Legal Articles: E-commerce and Internet

Brazil 02/18/2019
Google faces proceedings in Brazil over email scanning
Denmark 03/20/2018
Already changes to the new German law on hate speech on social media on the horizon?
United States 03/12/2018
The Long Arm of the Law
United States 02/28/2018
The #MeToo Movement: When Employees Take Their Complaints to Social Media
United States 01/17/2018
How anonymous can you be on social media?
Brazil 11/20/2017
Developments of Internet of Things in Brazil
United States 11/09/2017
The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: Considerations for Employers
United States 10/25/2017
Court Looks to Social Media for Evidence of Trademark Infringement
Denmark 09/25/2017
Use of WhatsApp violating data privacy laws without the consent of every address book contact?
Brazil 09/05/2017
Recent Developments on Privacy and Data Protection in Brazil
United States 08/29/2017
Social media: life after death?
United States 08/07/2017
The key mistake at the base of the Google anti-diversity manifesto
Brazil 07/03/2017
Lessons from WannaCry cyberattack
United States 04/27/2017
Growth of Digital Payments on Social Networks
United States 12/08/2016
Who paid you to post that? Truth and Transparency in International Advertising
United States 08/22/2016
What’s In Your Terms of Service?
United States 07/22/2016
Production of Social Media Documents Denied
United States 08/27/2015
Third Circuit Confirms FTC Authority to Regulate Cybersecurity Practices Under Unfairness Prong of FTC Act
United States 05/13/2015
President Obama Signs Executive Order to Block Property of Those Engaging in Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities
United States 03/27/2015
Net Neutrality Revisited