About us

LexUniversal.com® ("LexUniversal"), is the only comprehensive website designed to help lawyers achieve the fastest, best, and most economical results possible for their clients.

Conceived by an international collaboration of legal pioneers in 2000, LexUniversal.com® is an elegantly simple way for lawyers in more than 55 countries to participate in an instantaneous exchange of services and information.

We are in full operation since September 2001 with an increasing number of users. LexUniversal.com® is not a commercial site, nor a Law Firm, does not provide any kind of legal advice, and a fiduciary relationship is not created between the user and the Law Firms participant of LexUniversal. However, we possess the capacity of linking the services of innumerous international law professionals in a sole forum, professionals that are able to provide help and information in domestic and global legal subjects.

We are your Global Virtual Law Connection!