Legal Articles: Competition Law

United States 02/14/2012
FDA Issues Draft Guidance Documents to Implement the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2009
Brazil 03/03/2011
Towards A New Global Competitiveness for Brazil
Brazil 04/19/2010
Officers and Directors duties in M&A Transactions in Brazil
European Union 12/03/2008
Antitrust: Guidance on Commission enforcement priorities in applying Article 82 to exclusionary conduct by dominant firms
Latvia 05/06/2008
Competition Law Amended - Latvia
European Union 01/31/2008
Coordinated action to accelerate the development of innovative markets of high value for Europe – the Lead Markets Initiative
United States 12/07/2007
Florida Revocable Trust
Belgium 06/29/2007
Q&A on the opening of the energy markets and the European Energy Consumers’ Charter
Spain 05/08/2007
Business Concentration and Preservation of Competition
United States 08/29/2006
Member of Industry Standard-Setting Group Held Guilty of Monopolization by Deceiving the Group About Its Intent to Claim Patent Rights Over the Standardized Technology
United States 08/07/2006
Bristol-Myers Squibb Deal on Plavix Generic under Criminal Investigation
Brazil 10/14/2004
Special Problems in Latin America M&A: Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions in Brazil
Brazil 10/07/2004
Competition laws, antitrust and other issues - Antitrust filing in Brazil
Hungary 04/05/2003
New Hungarian Market Regulations
Spain 05/07/2002
Business Concentration and Preservation of Competition