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Malta 04/23/2018
MFSA issue a consultation paper on the Financial Instrument Test
United States 11/30/2015
Personnel Files and Documents Relating to
Russia 01/23/2015
Controlled Foreign Companies
Russia 09/30/2014
Controlled Foreign Companies
United States 12/26/2013
Second Circuit Ruling Appears to Limit Ability of U.S. Bankruptcy Courts to Assist Foreign Debtors
United States 12/23/2013
2013 Year-End Tax Planning Strategies for Individuals and Businesses
United States 04/10/2013
Narrow Interpretation of "Customer" Under SIPA Is Affirmed by the Second Circuit
United States 02/22/2013
SBA Rules: Investment Funds Can Now Be Majority Owners of SBIR Companies
United States 06/06/2011
SEC Proposes Disqualifying Bad Actors from Rule 506 Offerings
United States 07/19/2010
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
United States 11/09/2009
Words Matter: Financial Advisors Need to Be Careful Using Form Engagement Letters
United States 08/24/2009
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement on the Rise
Switzerland 03/31/2009
Swiss Bank Secrecy: US based clients are in trouble.
Switzerland 03/17/2009
Swiss Banking Secrecy: reasons to worry? and if yes, what can be done?
United States 01/27/2009
Force the Parties to the Table
United States 10/28/2008
The Lehman Brothers’ Bankruptcy – What Does It Mean to Creditors? What Remedies Are Available?
Brazil 12/18/2007
Brazil Using Compliance Measure Against Attorneys With Foreign Clients
United States 06/19/2007
Veni, vidi, vici - How hedge funds have stormed the capital markets
South America 04/30/2007
An Overview of Recent Bankruptcy Reforms in Latin America
United States 10/05/2006
Congress Passes Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act,Timetable for Enactment of Final Rules Under Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act