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China 12/21/2018
'Sleeping Giant' in Asia: Clyde & Co Plans to Grow 30 Percent in 3 Years
United States 10/01/2018
CCPA extends “right to deletion” to California residents
United States 01/26/2018
In-House Lawyers Say They Love Creative Fees, But Use Plateaus
United States 11/06/2017
Third Party Legal Fee Payments – A Problem for Trump But Not for Corporations
Spain 04/17/2017
Redes Sociales
United States 01/13/2017
How to Plan a Law Firm Leadership Succession (Perspective)
United States 01/10/2017
Law Firms Struggle to Hire and Keep Black Women
United States 01/06/2017
After Ripping Wall Street, Trump Taps Insider to Police Industry
Brazil 06/02/2016
Azevedo Sette absorbs BKBG
United States 02/02/2016
Fifteen years of LexUniversal – the future arrives (finally!!)
Bolivia 12/01/2015
Boletín Orientación Legal No. 111
United States 10/27/2015
SEC Adopts Final Pay Ratio Disclosure Rules
United States 10/09/2015
New York Public Service Commission Staff Supports Continuation of Net Metering
United States 08/27/2015
Third Circuit Confirms FTC Authority to Regulate Cybersecurity Practices Under Unfairness Prong of FTC Act
Brazil 06/17/2015
Lawyers raise doubts about Brazil's US$65 billion infrastructure concessions
United States 06/12/2015
New Jersey Trial Court Grants Summary Judgment in Accutane Mass Tort Cases
United States 06/03/2015
SEC Declares Open Season on Employee Agreements
United States 05/13/2015
President Obama Signs Executive Order to Block Property of Those Engaging in Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities
Uruguay 04/06/2015
Tax Information Exchange Agreement with Brazil
United States 03/05/2015
New Jersey Extends Permit Extension Act Another Year