Legal Articles: Litigation

United States 08/28/2019
War Clauses: Friend (not Foe) of Force Majeure
United States 10/04/2016
Old Habits Die Hard: The Difficulty in Getting Courts to Follow Rules Changes (Perspective)
United States 08/22/2016
What’s In Your Terms of Service?
United States 11/30/2015
Personnel Files and Documents Relating to
United States 06/12/2015
New Jersey Trial Court Grants Summary Judgment in Accutane Mass Tort Cases
United States 04/27/2015
Summary of EU Changes to the Rule on VAT Place of Supply of Services
United States 04/20/2015
Delaware Court of Chancery Rules to Invalidate Two Post-Closing Obligations in the Audax Merger
United States 02/13/2015
Florida Revised LLC Act to Take Effect for All LLCs on January 1, 2015
United States 01/05/2015
The Singapore-India Connection: A Robust Past and a Compelling Future
United States 11/11/2014
DEA Releases Final Rule on Disposal of Controlled Substances
United States 08/12/2014
Second Circuit Upholds
Brazil 04/28/2014
United States 04/17/2014
Florida Legislature Unanimously Approves New Limited Liability Company Act
United States 03/13/2014
U.S. Supreme Court Restricts Challenges to Pretrial Seizure of Defense Funds
United States 12/19/2013
Sunrise Periods for First Wave of gTLDs Are Now Open
United States 12/11/2013
U.S. Supreme Court Issues Significant Forum-Selection Decision
United States 10/07/2013
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United States 09/30/2013
Insurance Regulatory Update - Holding Company Supervision, Designation of Prudential Financial as Being "Too Big to Fail," Principle-Based Reserving and Captives
United States 09/18/2013
Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act: The Operating Agreement
United States 09/11/2013
Glaski Decision Appears to Place Lenders on Notice to Verify Accuracy and Effectiveness of Loan Assignments