Legal Articles: Insurance Property

Brazil 12/20/2017
Acquisition and lease of rural properties by foreigners are subject to a new ordinance
United States 05/10/2017
Best Practices for Suppliers and Creditors in a Transformative Retail Environment
United States 03/06/2013
U.S. Supreme Court Lowers the Bar for Class Certification in Private Securities Fraud Actions
United States 02/21/2013
N.J. Superior Court Finds That Condemning Authority Is Not Required to Negotiate with Mortgagee Prior to Initiation of Eminent Domain Action
United States 02/19/2013
Ready or Not, Here It Comes: Philadelphia's Actual Value Initiative Assessments Are in the Mail
United States 02/22/2010
Title Insurance Companies Eliminate Creditors' Rights Coverage for Real Estate Buyers and Lenders
United States 02/08/2010
Federal Estate, GST and Gift Tax Law: Current Status and Possible Retroactive Legislation
United States 02/01/2010
New RESPA Rules for Consumer Protection in Real Estate Settlements and Loans
Brazil 09/25/2009
Brazilian House Commission Approves Tax Amnesty for Undeclared Assets Held Abroad
United States 09/24/2009
U.S. Treasury Department Permits More Modifications for Securitized Commercial Mortgages
Finland 06/20/2006
Financing Real Estate Acquisitions in Finland
United States 05/26/2006
Why have an Attorney when you purchase or sell Real Estate?
United States 08/01/2002
Considerations for Foreigners Investing in U.S. Real Property
Russia 04/01/2001
Land Ownership in Russia