Legal Articles: Health and Insurance

United States 09/24/2015
Supreme Court Upholds Availability of Tax Credits Under Affordable Care Act for Coverage Purchased Through Federal Exchange
United States 08/27/2015
Third Circuit Confirms FTC Authority to Regulate Cybersecurity Practices Under Unfairness Prong of FTC Act
United States 08/07/2015
Recent IRS and Congressional Focus on Micro-Captives
Brazil 05/06/2015
Foreign Capital Investments in Health Care Services in Brazil
United States 11/11/2014
DEA Releases Final Rule on Disposal of Controlled Substances
United States 06/05/2013
FDA Enforcement Action Against uChek: Does It Signal an Agency Wake-up Call for Non-compliant Mobile Medical Apps?
United States 04/23/2013
U.S. Supreme Court Endorses Employer Efforts to "Pick Off" Named Plaintiff in FLSA Collective Action, but Declines to Resolve Circuit Split Regarding Mootness Issue
United States 04/03/2013
Increased Government Scrutiny of Physician-Owned Device Distributorships
United States 03/13/2013
What the New HIPAA Rules Say About Health Information Technology for Users, Developers and Investors
United States 03/07/2013
HHS Issues Final Rules on Essential Health Benefits, Federal and Partnership Exchange Qualified Health Plan Accreditation Timeline and Actuarial Value
United States 02/27/2013
New HIPAA Rules Regarding Genetic Information Affect Employers, Group Health Plans, Health Insurers and Healthcare Providers
United States 02/25/2013
DOL Issues Final FMLA Regulations
United States 02/19/2013
Major Tax Implications of the Affordable Healthcare Act
New Zealand 02/19/2013
Changes Made to Essential Skills in Demand Lists
United States 01/22/2013
Recent SEC Decision Identifies Social Media and Outside Activity Risks for Investment Advisers And Broker-Dealers
United States 08/21/2012
Key Ruling for Insurance Companies in Equitable Subrogation Action in U.S. District Court in Florida
United States 07/02/2012
Supreme Court Issues Health Care Ruling
United States 02/14/2011
FDA Issues “Non-Binding” Park Doctrine Criteria
United States 05/31/2010
Reimbursement Requests for Early Retiree Reinsurance Program May Exceed Funding
United States 10/28/2009
Exception to Pennsylvania's One-Disease Rule: Pre-1992 Asbestos Plaintiffs May File New Claims