News: Competition Law

South Africa 02/15/2019
Buyer beware – new competition laws restricting dominant firm purchases
Brazil 01/17/2019
Brazil's antitrust regulator probes alleged aviation insurance cartel
Russia 08/01/2018
Russia Sanctions Update Presentation
United Kingdom 07/26/2018
Global antitrust and competition trends for 2018
United Arab Emirates 07/03/2018
Saudi Commercial Mortgages Law
United States 06/08/2018
A pilot no longer—The 100-day provision becomes a fixture and other new rules from the US International Trade Commission
Germany 06/07/2018
U.S. should have interest in solving trade dispute: German minister
United States 05/21/2018
Fair Play: Watch Out Sprint, Walmart. Cross-Border Deals Get Complicated
United States 05/10/2018
GOP Renews Effort to Trim FTC Merger Powers
Russia 04/18/2018
New US Sanctions Against Russia Create Unique Issues for Fund Investor
Russia 04/17/2018
US imposes new Russian sanctions: what is different this time?
United States 03/05/2018
DOJ Officials Suggest a Broadened Corporate Declination Policy Beyond the FCPA
United States 02/06/2018
DOJ Antitrust Division Announces Imminent Criminal Prosecution for ‘No Poaching’ Agreement
China 01/30/2018
China Redefines Commercial Bribery and Increases Penalties
Switzerland 12/12/2017
New ICTSD Paper: Energy Dual Pricing as a Fossil Fuel Subsidy in the WTO
Brazil 11/17/2017
CAMEX calls for public contributions to the First Regulatory Agenda of Brazilian Foreign Trade – 2018-2019
Italy 11/16/2017
Life Sciences: Compliance and enforcement in Italy
Germany 11/10/2017
German Law Firm Forges Path to Private Cartel Damages
Australia 08/17/2017
ACCC's first foray into uncharted waters: Australia's first criminal cartel prosecution
United States 06/30/2017
Morphed Walgreens-Rite Aid Deal Would Alter Pharmacy Landscape