News: Commercial Law

United Kingdom 02/01/2019
The Brady and Spelman Brexit amendments mean continued uncertainty for businesses
United States 07/16/2018
Planning Quarterly Update - Legislation and Policy Edit
United Kingdom 07/12/2018
The UK Brexit white paper
Brazil 11/17/2017
CAMEX calls for public contributions to the First Regulatory Agenda of Brazilian Foreign Trade – 2018-2019
European Union 11/09/2017
EU trade deal with Canada and impact on mobility
United States 09/27/2017
Potential M&A Boom from Tax Cuts Hinges on Interest Deductions
Brazil 08/18/2017
CAMEX reduces to 0% the rate of import tax under the Ex-tariff regime
United States 03/22/2017
New Documentary Requirements Issued for Hong Kong Exports and Reexports
United States 02/06/2017
New DHS International Entrepreneur Rule Gives Promising Start-Up Founders Improved Ability to Grow Their Companies within the U.S.
China 01/31/2017
China Cracks Down on Commercial Bribery in the Private Sector
United States 01/03/2017
New York Mandates Economic Sanctions Compliance Program
United States 12/26/2016
FDA Proposes New Research on Social Media Promotion of Prescription Drugs
United States 09/15/2016
First-Ever: Cybersecurity Regulations Released by New York Department of Financial Services
United States 09/13/2016
California Issues New Proposition 65 Warning Regulations
United States 08/04/2016
Seller Beware: Recent Lawsuits Under N.J. Truth-in-Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act Target E-Commerce Businesses
India 06/21/2016
Government of India Announces Sweeping Reforms in Foreign Direct Investment Policy
United States 06/17/2016
U.S. Supreme Court Unanimously Holds That Veterans Are Entitled to Full Set of Competitive Bidding Opportunities Congress Enacted in 2006 Veterans Act
United States 06/16/2016
U.S. Supreme Court Concludes That Implied False Certification Is Allowed but Limited; FCA Liability Is Expanded
Bolivia 06/13/2016
Analysis Article: Law On De-Bureaucratization For The Creation And Operation Of Economic Units
United States 04/21/2016
Eastern District of New York Holds That "Forced Vesting" of Title to Collateral Is an Impermissible Modification of a Secured Creditor's Rights