News: Transportation regulation

United States 01/07/2016
Beginning July 1, 2016, the SOLAS Convention will require the shipper of a packed export container to verify the container’s weight before it is loaded aboard a ship
Saudi Arabia 01/05/2016
Restrictive driver’s license policy announced
Estonia 05/05/2012
Estonia - Road Transport Act Simplified
Estonia 03/14/2012
Estonia - Liability under Merchant Shipping Act Specified
Estonia 03/08/2012
Estonia - Public Transport Act
Brazil 02/29/2012
Juros de mora em ação de complemento de DPVAT incidem a partir da citação
United States 08/09/2011
Harsh Consequences for Falsely Claiming to be a U.S. Citizen for a Driver’s License
Finland 06/01/2010
EU Institutions are Serious about Promoting Electric Transport
United States 09/25/2009
Secure Flight - New requirements from US to Airline Passengers
Finland 08/06/2009
Competition: Commission publishes proposals for future competition law regime for motor vehicle sector
European Union 01/30/2009
Commercial road transport: an important step towards harmonised rules on enforcement
European Union 01/26/2009
Greening road transport: EU-funded research supports EU's environmental objectives
European Union 01/23/2009
Digital tachograph for road transport: new measures to prevent fraud and equip light vehicles
European Union 01/21/2009
Towards an European maritime transport area without barriers
European Union 01/21/2009
Maritime security: protecting maritime transport from piracy
European Union 01/20/2009
Digital tachograph for road transport: new measures to prevent fraud and equip light vehicles
Denmark 01/13/2009
Commission gives green light to the new Danish system of reduced tariffs in favour of certain categories of passenger travelling in long-distance bus services
European Union 01/12/2009
The Council adopts common positions on the road transport package
Brazil 01/08/2009
Committee approves broadening of sectors receiving tax benefits Special Incentive Regime for specific sectors of transportation and energy areas
European Union 01/05/2009
A single certificate for safer navigation on European inland waterways