News: Privatizations and Public Concessions - PPP - Utilities, BID

United States 02/21/2019
DOE issues three rulings favorable to LNG exporters
Germany 01/30/2019
German group in US$2 billion lithium agreement with Bolivian state
Brazil 08/01/2018
New basic sanitation framework in Brazil
Uruguay 07/06/2018
Two solar projects get cross-border refinancing in Uruguay
Peru 06/29/2018
Airport concessionaire brings arbitration claim against Peru
United States 06/15/2018
The secret to getting airfare deals is all in the timing
South Africa 08/08/2017
Culpability for stadium disasters in South Africa
Chile 10/18/2016
Amendment to Urban Planning and Constructions General Act
Chile 10/18/2016
Modificación a la Ley General de Urbanismo y Construcciones
India 06/21/2016
Government of India Announces Sweeping Reforms in Foreign Direct Investment Policy
United Kingdom 04/28/2016
Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016
United States 01/08/2016
Extensions to Water Conservation Regulation in California
United Arab Emirates 03/26/2013
Public-Private Partnerships – The Future May Be Sooner Than Thought
United States 04/14/2009
U.S. Announces Public-Private Investment Program to Purchase Toxic Assets
Brazil 01/14/2009
Bill increases Union guarantees for government-private partnerships
Zimbabwe 03/10/2008
Zimbabwe president approves law to nationalize banking, mining industries
Brazil 02/08/2008
Privatization strengthens Brazil's energy industry
Brazil 01/22/2008
Minas Gerais will launch public-private partnership for penitentiaries
Italy 11/23/2007
Italy: EIB lends EUR 120m for improving the urban environment in Venice
Poland 07/30/2007
Commission asks the European Court of Justice to order Poland not to start road construction in Rospuda Valley