News: Maritime Law

United States 03/15/2016
Ferc signals intention to closely scrutinize late interventions
United States 01/07/2016
Beginning July 1, 2016, the SOLAS Convention will require the shipper of a packed export container to verify the container’s weight before it is loaded aboard a ship
European Union 11/25/2008
Maritime Affairs: Commission promotes maritime spatial planning in Europe
European Union 11/03/2008
European maritime surveillance needs greater integration
Romania 09/05/2008
ICJ hears Romania-Ukraine dispute over Black Sea resource rights
European Union 09/03/2008
Seas and Oceans: European Research and Innovation in support of protecting marine eco-systems and developing sustainable maritime activities
United States 08/26/2008
Why doesn't U.S. join Law of the Sea treaty?
European Union 07/01/2008
Antitrust: Commission adopts Guidelines on application of competition rules to maritime transport services
Brazil 06/18/2008
LNI Luxembourg Conference
Slovenia 06/10/2008
Maritime policy: Commissioner Borg in Slovenia to promote closer cooperation on maritime issues in the Mediterranean
Finland 06/05/2008
Maritime safety: European Commission acts against Finland
France 06/04/2008
Commission approves simplification of aid scheme for French shipowners
Germany 01/16/2008
Danish Supreme Court held that the Danish National Survey and Cadastre was not liable for an error in a nautical chart
Brazil 10/25/2007
Brazil creates the dredging national program
United States 08/07/2007
Small Business and Work Opportunity Tax Act
Belgium 07/12/2007
Environment: new EU waste shipment legislation comes into force today
Denmark 05/08/2007
Maritime transport
Denmark 02/07/2007
Maritime transport – tonnage tax: Commission opens investigation concerning Denmark
Denmark 01/24/2007
Maritime transport – tonnage tax: Commission opens investigation concerning Denmark
United States 11/28/2006
Use of Formula to Estimate Telephone Tax Refunds Permitted