News: Litigation

Chile 03/21/2019
LATAM Airlines completes massive debt tap
Panama 03/21/2019
Enel brings arbitration claim against Panama
United States 03/06/2019
Supreme Court Forecloses Equitable Tolling of Rule 23(f)’s 14-Day Time Bar for Petitioning for Permission to Appeal an Order Granting or Denying Class-Action Certification
United Kingdom 02/27/2019
Validity of patent considered at preliminary injunction stage
United States 01/28/2019
PA Supreme Court rejects exception to attorney-client privilege in derivative cases
United States 01/21/2019
Intermediary liability for internet services under NAFTA 2.0
United States 12/19/2018
Internet Reviews and the Communications Decency Act of 1996
United States 08/06/2018
Is This the Fastest-Growing Firm in Big Law?
United Kingdom 08/03/2018
Ray of light for justice system as High Court vindicates Law Society legal aid challenge
United States 07/24/2018
Social media activities and the appearance of bias
Australia 07/18/2018
All right, Stop! Mediate and Listen: Guidance on the Use of Med-Arb in Australia
United Kingdom 07/02/2018
A legitimate reason for Court avoidance
United States 06/27/2018
Supreme Court Resolves Circuit Split on Issue of Whether Statement About a Single Asset Is One Respecting Debtor's Financial Condition
United States 06/19/2018
Foreign Debtors’ Forum Shopping Warranted Stay of U.S. Avoidance Litigation
United States 06/11/2018
GoDaddy Federal Robocall Litigation Appealed to Ninth Circuit
United States 05/29/2018
Supreme Court Says Employers Can Bar Worker Class-Action Lawsuits
United Kingdom 05/18/2018
The Mystery of A v B Uncovers a London Fight Club for the Rich
United States 05/17/2018
Supreme Court Sports Bets Ruling Opens Door for Blockchain
United States 04/11/2018
Supreme Court Rules Car Dealership Service Advisors Exempt from FLSA Overtime Pay, Exemptions Should Be Plainly Construed
United States 03/23/2018
US Supreme Court Puts the Brakes on IRS Obstruction Prosecutions