News: Intellectual Law

Australia 03/13/2019
Australian enforcer urged to break up Google
Germany 03/13/2019
Apple terms violated GDPR, German court rules
European Union 03/08/2019
Mandatory cyber insurance backed to improve incident response
European Union 03/08/2019
GDPR spurs increased awareness of data protection
United States 02/27/2019
CJEU to clarify scope of copyright infringement data requests
United States 02/20/2019
U.S. top court rejects Maryland bid to revive drug price-gouging law
United Kingdom 02/08/2019
All change – the new SRA Standards and Regulations
United Kingdom 02/07/2019
Retail & Business FS vodcast series: GDPR and privacy issues in retail finance – part 1
European Union 02/05/2019
Smart mobility is reshaping the transport sector, shaking up and challenging traditional transportation models
United States 01/29/2019
Legal Alert: The floodgates open – Illinois Supreme Court issues landmark ruling in biometrics case
Peru 01/24/2019
Peru's competition regulator imposes largest-ever fine
Argentina 01/23/2019
Argentine privacy watchdog issues guidelines
Colombia 01/23/2019
Colombian lawyers call on government to update data protection laws
Ireland 01/17/2019
McDonald's loses Big Mac trademark after legal battle with Irish chain
United States 01/14/2019
Good to know: The US trademark office has a ‘proof of use’ audit program for trademark registrations
Brazil 01/08/2019
Brazilian general data protection law
United States 12/19/2018
Internet Reviews and the Communications Decency Act of 1996
Thailand 08/06/2018
Overview of Thailand Draft Personal Data Protection Act
United Kingdom 07/26/2018
Britain's New M&A Rules Pose 'Trojan Horse' Risk: Clifford Chance
United States 07/25/2018
Grumpy Cat back in court