News: Insurance Property

United States 09/30/2019
Sec Adopts Final Rule Allowing All Issuers To ‘Test The Waters’
United States 09/06/2019
Urban Being: The Future of City Living
Middle East 01/16/2019
Oman's new Escrow Law – will purchasers' funds be adequately protected?
Egypt 01/10/2019
Egyptian Law: Collateral Securities
United States 03/01/2018
Qualified Opportunity Zones and the Potential to Drive Community Development
United States 02/07/2018
A Driverless Future Threatens the Laws of Real Estate
Canada 05/13/2016
Modifications to the act concerning the rights on transfers of immovables regarding certain transfers completed after the 18TH of march 2016
United States 03/28/2016
New Lease Accounting Rules and Their Effect on Lessee Balance Sheets
United States 03/12/2013
New Portable Estate Tax Credit not to be Relied on as Estate Plan's Main Feature
Finland 11/26/2012
Recent Finnish Supreme Court Decision regarding Limitation of Liability Provisions in Real Property Agreements
United States 08/23/2012
Pa. Legislature Extends Permit Extension Act Another Three Years
Estonia 04/26/2012
Estonia - Restrictions on Acquisition of Immovables Act
Lithuania 03/09/2012
Lithuania - Changes in Mortgage (Pledge) Regulation
United States 12/07/2011
Listen to a Podcast Regarding Permit Tolling and Extensions Due to Governor’s 2011 Declaration of Emergency in Florida
United States 10/17/2011
Supreme Court Accepts Case Challenging Mortgage Fees Charged by Quicken Loans
United States 10/13/2011
Some Banks Are Giving Away Foreclosed Properties; Cleveland Serves as Model
United States 10/06/2011
Ohio Supreme Court Considers Whether Homeowners Can Sue Builder over Magnetized Homes
United States 07/07/2011
DOJ’s Fair Housing Suit Says Mortgage Insurer Discriminates Against Home Buyers on Maternity Leave
United States 04/26/2011
Mass. High Court Upholds Role of Lawyers Before, During and After Real Estate Closings
United States 02/16/2011
Florida Tries Again on Property Insurance Reform