News: Inslovency and Bankruptcy

United States 12/12/2016
First Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Latest to Warm Up to Protections for Trademark Licensees in Bankruptcy
United States 05/04/2016
U.S. Bankruptcy Court in California Issues Decision on Enforceability of Prepetition Waivers of the Automatic Stay
United States 05/02/2013
Second Circuit Establishes Relevant Time Period for "Center of Main Interests" Determination Under Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code
United States 03/12/2012
Bankruptcy Lawyers Warn of Looming Student Loan ‘Debt Bomb’
United States 11/30/2011
American Airlines Files for Bankruptcy; Weil Gotshal Is Lead Counsel
United States 08/25/2011
Need to File Papers in Sacramento Family Court? Arrive Early and Bring Your Lawn Chair
United States 02/17/2011
As Bankruptcy Debtors Tend to Try to Hide Assets, Sometimes Ineptly, Prosecutions are On the Rise
United States 10/27/2010
Battered by the Recession, More Older Americans Are Filing for Bankruptcy
United States 09/09/2010
Drop in Business Bankruptcies Creates BigLaw Slowdown
United States 08/12/2010
Bankruptcy Lawyers Predict Upcoming ‘Debt Wall’
Lithuania 04/26/2010
Lithuania - Government Approved the Concept of the Law on the Bankruptcy of Natural Persons
United States 11/26/2009
Bankruptcies Up 34 Percent; Lawyers Observe Health Care Cost Impact
United States 08/14/2009
Bankruptcies Surge for 3rd Year, 1.3M Filings in 2008-2009
United States 06/09/2009
Bankruptcy Filings Up 33% in Last 12 Months
Lithuania 04/29/2009
Draft Law on Bankruptcy of Natural Persons
Brazil 06/18/2008
LNI Luxembourg Conference
Italy 04/28/2008
EU presses Italy on Alitalia loan
United States 08/29/2007
Federal judge overturns bankruptcy court ruling limiting Enron debt claims
United States 08/21/2007
Bankruptcy Filings Increase
United States 06/25/2007
Ruling Makes Bankruptcy Suits Harder