News: Information Technology and Telecommunication

United States 01/11/2019
Brexit and Privacy Shield
Brazil 01/08/2019
Brazilian general data protection law
United States 12/19/2018
Internet Reviews and the Communications Decency Act of 1996
United States 12/19/2018
Western Europe 12/14/2018
European Data Protection Board on the territorial scope of the GDPR
Western Europe 12/13/2018
Decisions, decisions, decisions: The Austrian Data Protection Authority maintains a good pace in interpreting the GDPR
Spain 12/12/2018
The future of work – New rights for new times
United States 12/12/2018
What do RoboCop and robo-cats have in common?
United States 11/30/2018
(Not so) chillin’ competition – Competition authorities’ suggestions for the digital economy leave questions unanswered
United States 11/29/2018
Initial coin offerings – the regulatory response
United States 11/29/2018
Where are the EU’s ePrivacy reforms? And where does Brexit leave them for the UK?
Singapore 11/28/2018
Singapore Fintech Festival: Three Key Downloads
Spain 11/28/2018
Spain approves new data protection law
China 11/27/2018
Consultation on the EU regulation of the data economy
United States 11/26/2018
EDPB publishes draft guidelines on territorial scope of the GDPR
United States 11/26/2018
Profiling and prejudice
United States 11/23/2018
Cyber Security – call for board-level accountability
United Kingdom 11/14/2018
Online security breaches — A growing threat in the digital era
China 11/13/2018
Recent developments for IPR protection in China
United States 11/12/2018
The Database Directive, AI and the data economy