News: Health and Insurance

United Kingdom 07/04/2018
The rapid review of gross negligence manslaughter in healthcare - what happens now?
United States 06/18/2018
MedPAC recommends to Congress a 30 percent reduction in Medicare payment rates for services provided in certain hospital off-campus emergency departments
United States 05/23/2018
Seven Reasons Why Women Attorneys Thrive in Health Law
United States 05/23/2018
Impax Beats the Rap Over Generic Drug Pact
United States 03/02/2018
Health-Care Whistleblowers Are on the Rise
United States 02/02/2018
Health-Care Fraud Cases Catching More Than Just Medical Providers
United States 11/01/2017
Mealey’s Emerging Insurance Disputes and Mealey’s Litigation Report: Insurance article
United States 10/05/2017
Add Device Identifiers to Medicare Forms to Track Costs, HHS Watchdog Says
United States 09/27/2017
No Health-Care Case as Supreme Court Term Begins
United States 09/26/2016
OSHA Increases Scrutiny of Whistleblower Settlement Agreements
Bolivia 06/13/2016
Analysis Article: Law On De-Bureaucratization For The Creation And Operation Of Economic Units
United States 12/01/2014
GLOBAL/UNITED STATES – Ebola-related travel restrictions spread across globe
United States 08/23/2013
What Amount of Deference, If Any, Is Accorded to CMS' Interpretation of the State Operations Manual?
China 07/17/2013
Details Issued on Implementation of Entry-Exit Law in Shanghai
United States 07/17/2013
WellPoint Pays HHS $1.7 Million to Settle HIPAA Security Violations
United States 06/05/2013
EEOC Updates Informal Guidance for Employers in Handling Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy and Intellectual Disabilities Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
United Kingdom 05/29/2013
Tuberculosis Test Requirements Expand to Three More Countries June 30
United States 05/17/2013
Increased Spotlight on Emergency Department Facility Coding by CMS, HHS and DOJ
Canada 04/22/2013
Criteria for Federal Skilled Worker Program Announced
United States 04/18/2013
USCIS Temporarily Suspends H-2B Petitions for Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers