News: Gas, Energy and Oil Regulation

Panama 03/21/2019
Enel brings arbitration claim against Panama
European Union 02/04/2019
The zero-sunsidy renewables opportunity
Brazil 08/01/2018
New basic sanitation framework in Brazil
Uruguay 07/06/2018
Two solar projects get cross-border refinancing in Uruguay
Indonesia 04/06/2018
Milbank Advises Project Company on the Development and US$539M Project Financing of Indonesian Geothermal Facility
United States 04/03/2018
Exxon Beats 401(k) Investors’ Lawsuit Over Inflated Stock
United States 02/19/2018
Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure for Commercial Real Estate
Egypt 02/01/2018
Sunny Outlook for Egypt’s Renewables as DFIs Make Way for Commercial Banks
Switzerland 12/12/2017
New ICTSD Paper: Energy Dual Pricing as a Fossil Fuel Subsidy in the WTO
United States 08/23/2017
ZECs Upheld in Two Courts
United States 08/23/2017
What Will Propel Our Cars and Trucks?
Peru 08/16/2017
Corruption Scandals Bring Threats To Reform Momentum
United States 12/22/2016
Energy, Environment and Resources Update — Issue 18
United States 06/23/2016
FERC Eliminates Reactive Power Exemption for Wind Generation
United States 06/09/2016
Congress sends chemical safety reform legislation to be signed into law
United States 06/03/2016
New York Public Service Commission Energy Market Restructuring May Be Framework for Changes Nationwide
United States 05/13/2016
FERC - Grants Complaints Based on Affiliate Abuse
United States 05/13/2016
FERC - National Labs Discuss Grid Modernization
Ghana 04/20/2016
Petroleum Commission adds new requirements for work permit applications in oil and gas sector
Bolivia 04/20/2016
Law on Promotion of Investment in Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons