News: Family Law

United Kingdom 08/24/2018
Legal system of child protection is in crisis, says senior judge
United States 09/11/2013
Plan Sponsors of 401(k) Plans/Pension Plans: Must Recognize Same Sex Married Couples Effective September 16, 2013
United States 06/25/2013
Supreme Court Affirms Class Action Waiver Even Where Litigation of Separate Claims Economically Infeasible
United States 04/16/2012
New Parental Accountability Court Helps Increase Child Support Payments While Cutting Jail Costs
United States 09/28/2011
New Mass. Law Caps Alimony Based on Length of the Marriage
United States 08/09/2011
Husband’s Perseverance Helps Wife and Son Win OK to Return Home to US, Six Years Early
United States 07/19/2011
First Openly Gay Man Confirmed to Federal Bench
United States 07/13/2011
Extremely Obese Kids Should Be Placed in Foster Care, Lawyer Argues in JAMA
United States 07/07/2011
Courts in New Jersey to Try Harder to Include Children in Custody Hearings
United States 06/07/2011
Wyoming Courts May Grant Same-Sex Divorce, State Supreme Court Says
United States 05/18/2011
US Census Data Shows Decrease in Divorce Rates
United States 04/01/2011
Unique New Ariz. Law Bans Abortion Based On Race or Gender of Fetus
United States 03/28/2011
Deportation of 4-Year-Old US Citizen Reignites ‘Anchor Babies’ Debate
United States 03/14/2011
As Surrogacy Becomes More Popular, Legal Problems Proliferate
France 12/17/2010
In France, Heterosexual Couples Opting for Civil Unions
United States 12/06/2010
Lender Backs Divorce Litigants, Typically Women, on Contingency Basis
United States 10/01/2010
Petition Asks Wisconsin High Court to Adopt Civil Gideon Rule
United States 09/30/2010
Ain’t No Dividing Wall High Enough to Keep Battling Couple in Shared Home Away From Litigation Fray
United States 09/01/2010
Texas Appeals Court Says Trial Judge Lacked Jurisdiction to Order Same-Sex Divorce
United States 08/17/2010
9th Circuit Blocks Same-Sex Weddings in Calif. as Prop 8 Case Is Appealed