News: Environment

Canada 02/18/2019
Is Governance Going Green? The Influence of Environmental and Social Issues on Corporate Governance and Investing
Argentina 03/26/2018
Delaware Pushes Back on Foreign Suits in Pesticide Exposure Case
United States 08/23/2017
ZECs Upheld in Two Courts
United States 08/23/2017
What Will Propel Our Cars and Trucks?
Bolivia 08/02/2017
Environmental License
United States 08/01/2017
EPA Issues Three Final TSCA Framework Rules
Bolivia 02/10/2017
Boletín Orientación Legal No. 117
United States 10/07/2016
PHMSA Implements Authority to Issue Emergency Orders
United States 06/09/2016
Congress sends chemical safety reform legislation to be signed into law
United States 06/06/2016
US Supreme Court holds us army corps clean water act determinations reviewable
United States 05/13/2016
NYC Council Approves Plastic Bag Fee
United States 04/08/2016
California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment takes action to address BPA exposures and upcoming warning requirements under Proposition 65
United States 02/26/2016
California Water Board Extends Regulations for Water Conservation
United States 02/11/2016
Cert Petition for Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load
United States 02/11/2016
California to Establish Tribal Traditional and Cultural Subsistence Fishing and Other Subsistence Fishing as Beneficial Uses of Water
Bolivia 01/26/2016
Bolivia - Mechanisms for remediation of environmental liabilities at the end of the processes called "capitalization", "privatization" and "concession" in the hydrocarbons sector
United States 12/28/2015
USA - Market Forces and States as Laboratories—Not Always Desired by Business
United States 02/19/2013
Monsanto’s Patent Powers Hinge on Supreme Court Decision
Sweden 09/13/2011
Public procurement (Sweden): Swedish Competition Authority introduces new publication regarding environmental and social considerations in procurement
United States 07/26/2011
Brief Calls BP Compensation Process an ‘Abject Failure,’ Seeks Special Master