News: Administrative Law

United States 01/23/2018
From Tax Refunds to Restrooms, What the Shutdown Has Shut Down
United States 10/11/2016
New Modifications to the Proposition 65 Regulations
United States 06/30/2016
McDonnell Decision and the FCPA
United Kingdom 06/27/2016
Brexit Client Alert
India 06/21/2016
Government of India Announces Sweeping Reforms in Foreign Direct Investment Policy
United States 06/17/2016
U.S. Supreme Court Unanimously Holds That Veterans Are Entitled to Full Set of Competitive Bidding Opportunities Congress Enacted in 2006 Veterans Act
Bolivia 06/13/2016
Analysis Article: Law On De-Bureaucratization For The Creation And Operation Of Economic Units
United Kingdom 04/28/2016
Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016
Bolivia 04/20/2016
State’s Attorney General’s Office
United States 12/10/2015
California Congressional Delegation Continues to Struggle with Drought Legislation
United States 11/21/2015
Obama Administration asks Supreme Court to review executive action injunction
Mexico 09/17/2015
Brazil 03/30/2015
Annual update of the reference form (formulário de referência) and registration form (formulário cadastral) for publicly-held companies until may 31st
Israel 03/27/2015
Immigration authorities step up employer audits
Belgium 03/18/2015
‘Foreigners’ tax’ takes effect for residence permits and D visas
United States 05/30/2014
GM to pay record $35M civil penalty for delayed action on faulty ignition switches
United States 05/27/2014
U.S. lawsuit alleging SD memory card price-fixing is revived
Canada 01/18/2014
CANADA – Companies face stricter labor market opinion rules
United States 03/19/2013
Federal Legislation Re-Introduced to Authorize States to Impose Sales Tax Collection Requirements on Remote Sellers
Honduras 02/20/2013
Honduras on the way to improving its road, air and port infrastructure