Merger control: Commission approves proposed acquisition of Enodis by Manitowoc, subject to conditions

The Commission has cleared, subject to conditions, the proposed acquisition of Enodis, of the UK, by Manitowoc, of the US. Manitowoc is active in various sectors including the manufacture of lifting equipment in the shipbuilding industry and the production of cold-focused equipment in the foodservice sector. Enodis is a global food and beverage equipment manufacturer. The Commission identified competition concerns in the markets for three different types of ice-making machines (self contained cubers, modular cubers and flake machines) at the EEA level and in numerous Member States. In order to address the Commission’s concerns, Manitowoc offered to divest Enodis’ entire ice-making machines business in the EEA, including three production facilities in Italy. In view of this commitment, the Commission concluded that the acquisition will not create such a dominant market position that would significantly impede effective competition in the EEA or in any substantial part thereof.

Source: Commission Press Release 19/9/2008

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