BRAZIL - COVID-19: Restrictions on foreign nationals entry through land and water extended

The Brazilian government has announced that it will extend restricted entry to foreign nationals through land and water ports of entry for another 30 days.
Key Points:
• The extended restrictions apply to land and water ports of entry until Dec. 12. Foreign nationals may continue to enter Brazil through airports.
• Exemptions to the land and water restrictions apply to the following: Brazilian nationals, immigrants with Brazilian residence authorization, foreign professionals working for international organizations, foreign employees with Brazilian government accreditation, close family of Brazilian citizens (except for foreign nationals from Venezuela), bearers of National Migratory Registration (except for foreign nationals from Venezuela), humanitarian actions, cargo transportation in compliance with current laws, foreigners in a neighboring country who need to enter Brazil to board a flight may enter with authorization from federal police.
• Foreign nationals from Paraguay may also be allowed to enter through land, provided they meet migratory requirements.
• The suspension does not apply to foreign maritime crew members entering by air or water transportation, for flight connection to return to their country of origin related to operational issues or termination of employment, for medical assistance and to perform certain duties while on a vessel or a platform operating in Brazilian jurisdictional waters, provided they meet migratory requirements, including have an entry visa.
• The free traffic of road cargo transportation, the execution of cross-border humanitarian actions previously authorized by the local health authorities and the traffic of residents of twin cities with an exclusively land border line (except for Venezuela citizens) are exempt from the restrictions.
Background: Brazil opened air travel to foreign nationals from all countries in July.

Azevedo Sette Advogados