Immigration Budgeting in Today’s Environment

  • Malaysia
  • 09/23/2020
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In budgeting for your immigration program, have you considered the new USCIS filing fee increases effective Oct. 2? Will the availability of more employment-based visas this fiscal year affect the number of green card filings you budget for? Have you taken into account the cost of USCIS delays and backlogged visa processing? Are your recruiters staffed and prepared to look for candidates who will meet new legal definitions to be applied to common visa categories? Will you need to consider alternative visa categories for employees who are unable to secure visas in traditional categories?

Learn how to maximize program resources and strategize for resilient, cost-effective program management, even in the most challenging immigration environment.

This webinar will cover:
USCIS fee increases and other recent developments that affect program budgeting.
• Assess your H, L, and green card programs for cost-savings.
• Examine your team internally to ensure you have the resources to handle any additional vetting, recruiting, or planning that may be required for the upcoming year.

This event will be a panel discussion moderated by BAL Partner Delya Ghosh, who will be joined by BAL Senior Counsel Lucrecia Davis, and BAL Senior Associates Heather Oh and Mark Yelich. Register here today.

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