Magistrates' Courts Are Closing In Communities Across The UK. Is Austerity Harming Our Access To Justice?

  • United Kingdom
  • 04/24/2019
  • Huffington Post

When the doors to Chorley Magistrates’ Court shut for a final time, Lindsay Hoyle says he knew it would have a profound impact on his constituents.

The Labour MP fears the “penny-wise but pound-foolish” decision will only widen the gulf between the public and those responsible for implementing law and order in the areas they live and work.

“Justice must be served locally. If crime is dealt with in the local court, people know what crimes are being committed in their area and can understand that law and order is being served in their locality,” he tells HuffPost UK

“But once justice is moved away, there is a complete disconnect between the public and law and order.”

Despite his efforts, Chorley Magistrates’ Court has become the latest casualty of an efficiency exercise which has led to the closure of half of all magistrates’ courts in England and Wales since 2010.(continue)

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