Market outlook for the year ahead

  • United Kingdom
  • 02/26/2019
  • White & Case

As the leveraged debt market has matured at pace in the past decade, many are hopeful that it will maintain an upward trajectory, at least in the medium term

As noted in the report, times have changed, and 2018 has seen a different dynamic than in the previous two years. The rise in US interest rates has had a significant impact on the market, with the move from bonds to loans speeding up and the pace of refinancing activity slowing markedly.

In addition to those shifting dynamics, macroeconomic and political factors such as Brexit, further interest rate rises and continued volatility in a number of EU markets could all have a bearing on the market and drive its development for the year ahead. While it’s difficult to chart an exact course, there are several tendencies that may play out and, indeed, possibly co-exist in 2019 (continue)

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