Product safety and IoT: European Commission orders recall over data security failings

  • European Union
  • 02/12/2019
  • Eversheds-Sutherland


The market for wearable tech is huge and growing, driven by new wellness applications and improved connectivity. Add to that the increasing number of new IoT devices and applications in the home, workplace and industry, and the opportunities both for new and established product manufacturers are easy to see. However, there are new, significant risks that businesses also need to consider fully as they bring a new product to market.

Product manufacturers are well-aware of their duty to only place on the market products which are “safe” for consumers. They are used to carrying out safety assessments regarding physical risks to consumer safety, and they are conscious of the product liability risk they face should they get it wrong. But as consumers increasingly expect products to be smart, permanently connected to the Internet while collecting and sharing consumer data in increasingly sophisticated ways, manufacturers are exposed to product liability risk in areas they may never before have thought to consider. (continue)

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