The zero-sunsidy renewables opportunity

  • European Union
  • 02/04/2019
  • CMS

The landscape for investments in renewable energy projects is undergoing a period of significant change.

Many European governments are reducing the level of support and subsidies for renewable energy investments, moving away from fixed feed-in tariffs towards competitive auctions and even ‘zero-subsidies’ in certain cases. This is an expected trajectory as technologies mature with the costs of deployment for offshore wind, onshore wind and solar PV following downward trends and significant progress towards national renewable energy targets being achieved. As cost to the consumer and security of supply climb higher up the political agenda, this has added further pressure on governments to reduce the support available. However many countries are setting even more ambitious renewables targets, well above 30% of generation capacity. This is due to the reducing LCOE of renewables, for example today onshore wind and solar PV are amongst the cheapest sources of energy, increased sensitivity from consumers and climate change risks.(continue)

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