New Law Changes Registration Process for Foreigners

  • Azerbaijan
  • 04/18/2013
  • Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP

On April 1, a new immigration law came into effect. The law is aimed at simplifying the registration process for foreigners entering Azerbaijan.

Previously, the law differentiated between registrations based on length of stay and placed the burden of registration on the foreigner.
Under the new law, any foreigner intending to remain in Azerbaijan for more than three days must register his or her place of sojourn within three days of arrival. The registration must be filed by the foreigner’s host, the management of the hotel or hostel, or the owner of the residence in the case of a private home. The host must complete the registration application form and file it along with a copy of the foreigner’s passport.

The application can be sent to State Migration Services (SMS) via post, email or in person. Registration cards are no longer mandatory. The host must notify SMS when the foreigner leaves, and the foreigner must be re-registered if he or she changes to a different place of sojourn. The host should not charge the foreigner for registration.

The registration is valid for:
• The length of the visa, for foreigners traveling on a visa.
• 90 days, for visa-exempt foreigners.
Both the host and the foreigner are considered responsible for the registration. Failure to register will result in fines for both foreigner and host; AZN 30 for the foreigner, and AZN 300-500 for the host.

Registration documents remain valid until expiry for all foreigners who registered before April 1.