SOUTH KOREA - Online Extension Now Available for Some Visa Types

  • South Korea
  • 01/11/2013
  • Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP

Holders of several visa types can now extend their Korean visas online. On Jan. 1, 2013, the Korean government made visa extension available via its “e-government for foreigners” website, HiKorea. Online visa extension must be made three to 60 days before the visa is scheduled to expire.

The following visa types can be extended online through HiKorea:

  • Cultural Arts (D-1)
  • Study Abroad (D-2)
  • General Training (D-4)
  • Journalism (D-5)
  • Religious Affairs (D-6)
  • Professorship (E-1)
  • Research (E-3)
  • Technology Transfer (E-4)
  • Professional Employment (E-5)
  • Non-professional Employment (E-9)
  • Family visitation (F-1, younger than 17 only)
  • Dependent Family (F-3)
  • Working Holiday (H-1)
  • Working Visit (H-2)

This alert has been provided by the BAL Global Practice group and our network provider located in South Korea. For additional information, please contact