AZERBAIJAN - Immigration Overview of Azerbaijan

  • Azerbaijan
  • 07/19/2010
  • Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP

During the past months, Azerbaijan immigration processes have changed. Some of the factors that may impact the immigration process there include an applicant’s citizenship, family status, and job title, duties and location. If a foreign national’s activities in Azerbaijan will be limited to meetings, training, conferences, and seminars, then business visitor status is likely the most appropriate. Business trips are typically short in duration, and the foreign national is commonly present in Azerbaijan as a representative of a company abroad. If the above circumstances do not apply, then a work permit will usually be needed. However, there are 12 categories of foreign nationals that are not required to obtain a work permit based on Article 3 of the Law on Labor Migration.

A work permit grants the applicant the right to take up employment in Azerbaijan for a specific period of time. In most situations, the applicant may arrive in Azerbaijan with an entry visa valid for 90 days. Once in the country, the applicant should register with the police. The applicant will also need to apply to the State Migration Service to obtain work and residence permits (Azeri ID). The work and residence permit applications are filed simultaneously. Work and residence permit approvals are granted for one year and may be renewed on a yearly basis for up to five years. Renewal applicants must also file to extend the police registration.

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