Central Law - Panama (Panama)

Central Law is the only Central American law firm with offices in the six countries of the region and the Spanish Caribbean: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

One of our main advantages with respect to other competitors is our Regional Coordination managed by an Executive Director located in our Guatemalan office. Our Executive Director is in charge of coordinating all our clients’ commercial operations and legal matters throughout the region from only one place, which implies less costs and expenses and a simplification of the whole process.

Central Law has an accumulated professional experience of more than 30 years and our attorneys cover almost all legal practice areas in the region.

Central Law assembles a staff of more than 65 lawyers and almost 120 collaborators, all of them with full multilingual skills which allows us to perfectly understand our international clients’ needs.

Central Law works under the philosophy of one-stop-shopping-service, that allows our clients to handle their businesses and legal issues from only one place, from the office of their choice.

Areas of Practice

Foreign Investment and Free Trade Zones, Banking, Finances, Stock Markets, Privatization, International Law and Contracts, International Financing, Intellectual and Industrial Property, Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Tax Law, Litigation and alternative dispute resolution, Tourism, Labour and Occupational Health Law, Community Law, Customs Law, Free Trade Agreements, Environmental Law, State contracting and negotiation, Telecommunications, Energy, Trade, Real Estate Legislation, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Mining, Civil and Commercial Law, Family Law and Adoptions, Corporate Law; public and private contracts, Civil Aeronautics Law, Immigration Law, Maritime Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Offshore corporations, Trusts & Foundations

Comosa Buiding, 21st Floor, Samuel Lewis Avenue, And Manuel Maria Icaza, Panama
507 263 4444

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