Albuquerque & Associados (Portugal)

The Law Firm focuses its activity in the main areas of business law, from the international contracts to the financial law, public law and litigation.

Albuquerque & Associados’s clients are mainly worldwide international companies and some of the most important Portuguese groups. The Law Firm also provides legal advice to local and foreign governmental institutions.

Albuquerque & Associados, in accordance with its tradition, holds a strong connection with the Lisbon University. Both founding partners are Law Professors. Professors Ruy de Albuquerque, Martim de Albuquerque, Pedro de Albuquerque e Eduardo Vera-Cruz are members of academic organs from the Lisbon College, and other lawyers are also Assistants in those Universities.

The Law Firm always had as a guiding criteria the quality level in the provision of legal services, either from the scientific point of view, or trough the practical adequacy to our targets and clients’ needs, trying to turn this synthesis into a rule. For this effect, and having in mind the academic tradition, the lawyer’s knowledge of the business and activities of each clients in their respective market is object of great attention.

Although Albuquerque & Associados works regularly and in constant collaboration with other first class lawyers from Law Firms all around Europe, United States and Pacific, our Law Firm is independent and has no exclusive association with others firms.

The Law Firm has being developing and enhancing in these last years its action in Africa, namely in African countries with Portuguese as the official language, specially trough Prof. and Doctor Eduardo Vera-Cruz, legal academic Portuguese/Angolan with activity and studies dedicated to Law not only from Angola, but also from the other Portuguese speakers countries. The Law Firm’s activities in Africa has its incidence specially in Banking, Corporate, Tax and Labor Law.

The Law Firm is the Portuguese member of the – Global Virtual Law Connection (; a innovative project at global level in the Law world.

Areas of Practice

Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Law and International Contract, Financial Law and Capital Market, Community Law and Competition Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law

Calçada Bento Rocha Cabral, 1 - 1250-047 Lisboa - Portugal
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