Thewes & Reuter (Luxembourg)

Thewes & Reuter is a full service law firm based in the capital city of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

THEWES & REUTER was founded in 1995. Today, the firm comprises 8 lawyers admitted to the Luxembourg Bar.

The activities of the THEWES & REUTER law firm include counselling and the representation of their clients’ interests before courts in Luxembourg and before international jurisdictions.

The lawyers at THEWES & REUTER advise and assist their clients for important events of their private and professional life. For business clients and companies, they provide a broad array of services such as giving legal opinions, drafting of documents and assisting clients during negociations. Where litigation cannot be avoided, THEWES & REUTER handles the court or arbitration proceedings.

The THEWES & REUTER law firm practices in many areas of domestic and international law, including private law (Torts, Contracts, Landlord and Tenant Law, Construction Law, Family Law and Succession Law, Divorce Law, Filiation and Adoption Law, Succession Law, etc…), commercial law (Company Law, Contract Law, Bankruptcy and Liquidation Law, Insurance Law, Real Estate Law, Banking Law, etc…). The firm also has expertise in Criminal Law.

The law firm regularly represents clients before the judicial and administrative jurisdictions in Luxembourg and before the Constitutional Court.

Some of the lawyers at THEWES &
REUTER have very specific areas of practice, such as Computer and Media Law, Constitutional Law, Public Law, Private International Law and domestic and international Labour Law.

THEWES & REUTER can handle files and communicate in the following languages: Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Italian, Spanish and Portguese.

THEWES & REUTER are focusing on the quality and competence of the service given to their clients.

Areas of Practice

For businesses: Commercial and private litigation, Public and Administrative Law, Public Tender Law, Contract Law, Liability Law, Company Law, Property Law, International Law, Arbitration, Intellectual Property Law, Debt recovery, Attachment proceedings, Criminal Law, Information Technologies Law, Media Law, Employment Law and Social Law, etc... For individuals: Private and administrative litigation, Landlord and Tenant Law, Construction Law, Property Law, Contract Law, Liability Law, Family and Inheritance Law, etc...

13, rue Large, P.O. Box 55, L-2010 Luxembourg
+352 22.66.22-1

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