News: Tax Law

Brazil 01/20/2015
Tax Information Exchange Agreement with Brazil
Argentina 03/28/2014
United States 02/24/2014
SOUTH KOREA – Government doubles many immigration fees
United States 12/24/2013
NETHERLANDS - Annual Minimum Salary Increases for Highly-Skilled Workers
United States 06/05/2013
Don't Miss the FBAR Filing Deadline
United States 05/17/2013
Cook County, Illinois, Use Tax Update
Brazil 05/16/2013
Liminar suspende decisão sobre cobrança de contribuição ao PIS
United States 05/13/2013
Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 Passes United States Senate
United States 05/03/2013
Recent Developments in New York's Taxation of Unauthorized Life Insurers
United States 03/27/2013
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Proposes Testing Method to Classify Footwear
United States 03/22/2013
H-1B Cap-subject Petitions Likely to Be Subject to a Lottery
Brazil 03/19/2013
Florida Applications for Research Credit May Be Submitted Starting March 20
United States 03/19/2013
Federal Legislation Re-Introduced to Authorize States to Impose Sales Tax Collection Requirements on Remote Sellers
United States 03/12/2013
New Portable Estate Tax Credit not to be Relied on as Estate Plan's Main Feature
United Kingdom 02/27/2013
Updated Fees for All Visa Types on 6 April
Brussels 02/25/2013
Social investment: Commission urges Member States to focus on growth and social cohesion
United States 02/19/2013
Mississippi Considers Privatized Child Support Enforcement
United States 02/19/2013
Monsanto’s Patent Powers Hinge on Supreme Court Decision
United States 02/19/2013
Revised Common Level Ratio for Philadelphia May Affect Sheriff Sale Purchasers
United States 02/05/2013
Built-In Gains Holding Period Extended By New Tax Bill

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