News: Tax Law

United States 10/27/2017
SEC approves new PCAOB standard on enhanced audit reports
Russia 10/20/2017
Enforcement increasing on Russian-Belarus mutual entry ban on foreigners
United States 10/19/2017
Law Firms, Regulators Keep Eye on Big Four Move to Legal Services
United States 10/16/2017
Passthrough Gaming Solution Eludes GOP as Tax Bill Release Nears
United States 10/16/2017
Permanent Estate Tax Repeal May Be Boon to Private Art Collectors
Romania 10/03/2017
B. Amendments Tax Procedure Code
Romania 10/03/2017
A. Main changes to the Tax Code
United States 10/02/2017
Scoring Still a Potential Issue for Tax Revamp in Senate
Brazil 09/06/2017
Start spreading the news
United States 09/05/2017
The deficit: a tax problem, not a spending problem?
United States 08/28/2017
Conservative Groups Seen as Crucial Allies on Tax Reform
United States 08/25/2017
All Things FinReg
Peru 08/16/2017
Stimulus Will Place Fiscal Consolidation On Hold
United States 08/08/2017
Tax Reform: Where Are We Now?
Bolivia 07/31/2017
Sales through Consignees, Simplified Tax Regime and to persons not registered in the National Taxpayers Register.
United Kingdom 07/18/2017
UK Meets Its Obligation to Transpose MiFID II into UK Law on Time
United States 07/14/2017
New Illinois Budget Bill Imposes Major Tax Increases and Unclaimed Property Burdens on Businesses
Brazil 04/04/2017
Bacen changes rules for foreign investment registration
European Union 03/09/2017
Regime for Marketing Foreign Funds in the UAE
United States 03/06/2017
SEC Speaks 2017 | Commission staff highlight key developments and successes in the SEC enforcement program.