News: Tax Law

European Union 03/09/2017
Regime for Marketing Foreign Funds in the UAE
United States 03/06/2017
SEC Speaks 2017 | Commission staff highlight key developments and successes in the SEC enforcement program.
United States 02/14/2017
U.S. Citizens with Federal Tax Debts in Excess of $50,000 Are in Danger of Having Their Passports Revoked
Bolivia 02/10/2017
Boletín Orientación Legal No. 117
United States 01/13/2017
High Court Delays Consideration of Skadden’s Retroactive Tax Case
United States 12/21/2016
US FATCA: Deadline to Register Sponsored Entities Approaching
United States 12/08/2016
Federal Court Dismisses Illinois Consumer Fraud Act Case for Alleged Overcollection of Illinois Sales Tax
United States 12/01/2016
Is the U.S. Tax Code Set to Be Trumped?
United States 11/03/2016
Impact of New Tax Regulations on Intercompany Debt Obligations
United States 09/30/2016
IRS and Treasury Issue Guidance Regarding CFC and PFIC Investments by RICs
Ecuador 09/23/2016
Newsletter TAX - Transfer Pricing Ecuador
United States 08/22/2016
Export Regulation Revisions: Harmonization of Destination Control Statements
United States 06/02/2016
Chicago Extends Voluntary Disclosure Deadline for Non-Possessory Computer Leases to June 30, 2016
United States 05/13/2016
NYC Council Approves Plastic Bag Fee
United States 03/23/2016
Will Your Non-Profit Hospital Pay Property Taxes in New Jersey?
Brazil 02/24/2016
Mudanças nas alíquotas do IPI poderão ter de passar pelo Senado
United States 01/26/2016
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Holds Lease Exception of Local Tax Enabling Act Does Not Prevent Business Privilege Tax from Applying to Real Estate Leasing Businesses
United States 12/28/2015
USA - Renewable Energy Tax Incentives Extended
United States 12/16/2015
Chicago Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax Advisory
United States 11/27/2015
Option to add passport pages to be eliminated Jan. 1