Public Service, the NFL, and Affirmative Action

  • United States
  • 08/07/2017
  • Lawyerist

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program was enacted to help lawyers take public service positions, which pay substantially less than those in the private sector. After ten years of on-time payments, the balance of the loan would be forgiven. However, the Department of Education recently decided, after some people had made the appropriate amount of on-time payments, that they were not qualified for loan forgiveness. On this rebroadcast of the ABA Law Student Podcast ABA President Linda Klein discusses these issues with host Chris Morgan.

Host Larry Cohen gathers leading structured settlement experts for in-depth analysis on Ringler Radio. Last month, Larry and his co-host Phillip Krause talked to Kenneth Kutner, Ph.D., a neuropsychological consultant to the NFL. They discuss on-field concussions and what long-term impact they have on a player’s health and on workers compensation cases.

New York Times: The Daily

If you are having trouble keeping up with the news, the New York Times has got you covered. The Daily drops every weekday around 6am. Hosted by Michael Barbaro, it’s 20 minutes long and designed to get you up to speed for the day. New York Times reporters are often guests, but they aren’t the only ones. Last Friday’s episode discussed affirmative action, the Abagail Fisher case, and the new lawsuit, filed by several Asian-American students, against Harvard.