• United States
  • 05/11/2017
  • Bloomberg Law

• A court dealt AT&T a significant setback in its efforts to avoid regulatory supervision from the Federal Trade Commission, in a case involving throttling of unlimited data plans. (Ars Technica)

• Russian hackers’ efforts to disrupt France’s election failed because President-elect Emmanuel Macron’s team had prepared for them, with some U.S. help. (New York Times)

• For companies and organizations, a hacker attack can inflict financial losses, corporate embarrassment and legal action. For insurers jumping into the brave new world of cyber crime insurance, an attack is free marketing for what could be a $10 billion opportunity. (Bloomberg)

• After a judge examining the president’s latest travel ban noted that Trump’s 2015 call for a ban on Muslims entering the country is still on his campaign website, the site was overhauled to delete the entire archive of content published on it before January. But the internet doesn’t forget, even when you’re president. (Wired)

Compiled by Rick Mitchell and edited by Casey Sullivan.