Lithuania - Recent Proposals for Amending the Labor Code

A number of draft laws have recently been registered in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania with the aim to amend or supplement the Labor Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

The proposal is to:

1. Modify the obligatory extrajudicial procedure of resolving individual labor disputes. Currently employers are obliged to provide technical services (including premises) to the Commissions of Labor Disputes (the “Commissions”), formed from an equal number of representatives of the employees and the employer, which explains why the establishment of labor disputes commissions has been quite rare. The main developments are the following:

i. The Commissions shall operate under territorial departments of the State Labor Inspectorate. Technical assistance to the Commissions would be provided by the State Labor Inspectorate.

ii. The Commissions would be comprised of the representatives of employees and employers appointed by the organizations and labor unions operating in the territory of the Commission, and of specialists of the State Labor Inspectorate with higher (academic) legal background.

iii. The Draft Law specifies the cases when a decision may be adopted solely by the chairman of a Commission.

2. Establish an obligation to publicize information regarding remuneration of employees who work in a legal entity, institution or organization (both private and public sector) whose main shareholder is the Republic of Lithuania. Currently the information on remuneration of employees may only be published with an employee’s consent or in the cases provided by law.

3. Oblige enterprises employing at least 70 employees to establish a trade union.

Developments to the Republic of Lithuania Law on Copyright and Similar Rights

Amendments to the Republic of Lithuania Law on Copyright and Similar Rights (the “Law”) were recently adopted by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. The amendments inter alia establish an obligation to pay a compensatory levy for equipment (specified in the Annex to the Law), blank analogue, digital sound and audio-visual media and reprographic equipment intended for private use:

  • manufactured in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • sold in the Republic of Lithuania for the first time; or
  • brought into the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.
A compensatory levy shall be paid by persons selling equipment, reprographic equipment, services and blank media in the Republic of Lithuania.

The compensatory levy paid shall be repaid if blank media and equipment (including reprographic equipment) are:

  • acquired for professional purposes;
  • acquired for the needs of the disabled persons; or
  • taken out from the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.
The Annex to the Law provides specific rates of a compensatory levy that are subject to the type of a blank media. The above stated provisions took effect as of 1 March 2012.

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