Latvia - Improvements to Cadastral Data Planned

The Saeima has amended the Real Property State Cadastre Act, due to the acknowledgement that delays in updating data recorded in the State Cadastre System will impede efforts to meet the deadline set for the completion of privatization for real estate that has several co-owners.

The amendments broaden the rights of landowners to take steps to clarify the status of property. First, they grant the landowner the right to initiate the process of the clarification of the ownership rights of the buildings located on the land. This will allow the landowner to request the court to recognize his ownership rights on the buildings located on his land more effectively. Further, the landowner will be entitled to request that buildings owned by third persons, not physically existing, be expunged from the official records in the Real Property State Cadastre System.

Secondly, the amendments permit any co-owner, acting without the consent of the other co-owners, to establish the object of real estate and to update cadastral data, including the name of the property, address, encumbrances, and purpose of the real estate.

Thirdly, the amendments define the user of the real estate.

Finally, the amendments provide for simplified and faster procedures to update and eliminate data errors in the Cadastral System. The regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers providing exactly how the errors will be eliminated are to be issued by 31 December 2012.

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