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Brazilian Labor Law Reform | What will actually change?
*By Juliana Petrella Hansen and Silvia Pellegrini Ribeiro | In July 2017, Law 13.467/2017 was published to address the Brazilian Labor Law Reform. The text introduces a number of changes to the Brazilian Labor Code (CLT) with respect to outsourcing and also social security legislation (Law 8.212/1991), changes that will become effective within 120 days counted as of todays’ publication. Therefore, within such interim period, the rules currently in force remain valid and nothing changes. It is also important to note that there are discussions about an executive action to review some topics of the recently-approved law. So, other changes may come about and, at this point, there is no clear scenario as to what will be the final text once the 120-day period elapses.

Brazil | 07/20/2017



AIA Brussels Arbitration School 2017 - ABAS 2017
Brussels | 10/23/2017 – 10/27/2017


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