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DHS faces possible shutdown

United States | 04/13/2015

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U.S. Supreme Court Rules for Employer in Retiree Medical Benefits Case
The Supreme Court reversed the Sixth Circuit decision, finding that Yard-Man violates ordinary contract principles "by placing a thumb on the scale in favor of vested retiree benefits in all collective-bargaining agreements." In M&G Polymers USA, LLC v. Tackett, the United States Supreme Court addressed the claims of retirees that certain expired collective bargaining agreements created a right to lifetime contribution-free healthcare benefits for retirees, their surviving spouses and their dependents. Writing for a unanimous court in an opinion issued on January 26, 2015, Justice Thomas ruled in favor of the employer and thereby provided employers offering retiree medical benefits under expired collective bargaining agreements with additional arguments to make with respect to the potential curtailment of such benefits.

United States | 04/13/2015


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